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Navigating Through the Teenage Years – When Support Becomes Essential

The teenage years are exciting, marked by the unfolding of one's own personality, but also by many insecurities. In these formative years, young people begin to understand who they are and who they want to become. This phase calls for guidance and empathetic support, perhaps more than any other span of life.

We, Guille Villena, a dedicated teacher from Barcelona, and Kristin Eberl, founder of Openmind, have joined forces to stand by young people on this personal journey of self-discovery. We are both trained coaches and have been working in the education sector with teenagers for 20 years.

We are currently actively preparing our workshops.
We look forward to being able to give you more information soon.


Intercultural Exchange Spain:

+34 669 974 377
Monday to Friday 10h - 18h
Avenida de Irlanda, 4. Local 9, 41012 Seville, Spain

About Openmind

The specialists of Openmind put a great deal of passion into organising intercultural exchange programs within and outside of Spain. We guarantee you an unforgettable stay – no matter whether you stay for a few months or for a whole school year.

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