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I was brought up in Munich, have lived in Barcelona since 2007 and I am a declared Europefan! 
In 2009, with love and passion, I founded Openmind with the specific aim of promoting the European dream of social inclusion for all. As a former exchange student and someone who has travelled throughout the world, I am aware how fortunate we are in this continent. It´s wonderful to see how many emotions we move between the countries. It is exactly what Europe needs... emotional connections!
My two children are tri-lingual and they embody the colourful spirit of Europe! I am convinced that students will also become infected with this passion. We are looking forward to looking after them. 

100% Andalusian, 200% international. This is how I feel after my stays in Germany, Great Britain and Canada.
I am a translator and interpreter for English and German.
In Germany I was responsible for the selection of exchange students and discovered my passion for the intercultural world.
When I met Kristin, I started working as a coordinator in Seville for Openmind. Now I have become her right hand, the director of our school programme in Spain as well as the director of the High School
Programme abroad for our Spanish students.

Hopefully one day my little daughter Emma asks me if I could organize her stay in New Zealand.

I was born in Morocco and grew up in Spain. After graduating in Philosophy I lived in different places, always motivated to broaden my vision of the world. I have worked as a teacher and this has given me the possibility to understand young people. The opportunity to get to know other cultures, to immerse yourself in another language, to learn from others seems to me so stimulating for the new generations that I did not hesitate to embark on this project. Growing up is something that cannot be put off until tomorrow.

I am a trained translator and I feel fulfilled when I manage to get people from different cultures to understand each other. I am passionate about languages. That's why I try to integrate them into my private life as well: I am an insatiable reader of every novel I come across and I do all I can to promote the cultural exchange of young Europeans in Spain. All of these passions have the same starting point: Segovia, my hometown and the place I always return to, no matter how far I go, because this is where I feel at home.

I was born in France, but I grew up in Seville. Since I was 12 years old I have been studying in France, England and Ireland during the summer months. These experiences led me to study Translation and Interpreting and do a Masters in International Affairs.
Moreover, my stays abroad have taught me to love other cultures. That is also why I love working for Openmind. I can see that every single experience leaves a special sparkle in the eyes of everyone who dives into a new adventure.

Get to know our coordinators

Openmind would not exist without our wonderful team of local coordinators! The majority has lived abroad, already hosted foreign guests in their house or grew up in a bilingual environment. They all know what cultural adaptation means and do a fantastic job in choosing the right host family, while closely supporting the students during their whole stay.

Mª Ángeles
Mª ÁngelesCoordinator Sevillemangui@openmind-international.com
ÁngelaCoordinator Sevilleangela@openmind-international.com
MarilóCoordinator Sevillem.mantero@openmind-international.com
PilarCoordinator Sevillepilar@openmind-international.com
BeatrizCoordinator Málagabeatriz@openmind-international.com
NellyCoordinator Málaganelly@openmind-international.com
MarinaCoordinatora Málagamarinaperez@openmind-international.com
CeciliaCoordinator Cádizc.pacheco@openmind-international.com
MariCoordinator Valenciamari@openmind-international.com
CarinaCoordinator Asturiascarina@openmind-international.com
MercèCoordinator Mallorcamerce@openmind-international.com
CristinaCoordinator Aranda de Dueroc.camarero@openmind-international.com
María José
María JoséCoordinator Madridm.cabello@openmind-international.com
ElpidiaCoordinator Teneriffee.arteaga@openmind-international.com

An unforgettable
cultural exchange

We would like to thank all the participants who have decided to give up that "comfort and confidence zone" that is their home to get to know another country in depth. You have immersed yourselves in a foreign culture and thus contributed to making the world a place full of understanding, respect and empathy.

Kristin, Carmen and the entire Openmind Team

  We are looking forward to meeting you!


Intercultural Exchange Spain:

+34 669 974 377
Monday to Friday 10h - 18h
Avenida de Irlanda, 4. Local 9, 41012 Seville, Spain

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The specialists of Openmind put a great deal of passion into organising intercultural exchange programs within and outside of Spain. We guarantee you an unforgettable stay – no matter whether you stay for a few months or for a whole school year.

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