High School Spain

Oh yes, it takes a lot of courage

Something amazing is waiting for you: the experience of standing on your own two feet! By simply overcoming challenges without your parents, you will come to know yourself more deeply. And who knows? After your stay in Spain you might at last discover what you would like to become in the future?
At the end of your stay, you will speak Spanish fluently, you will have got to know a new school system and you will have been immersed in a different culture. This is absolutely marvellous!

We – the Openmind Team- will be by your side during this time, supporting you with our time and advice!

Requirements for the programme
Being between 14 and 18 years of age upon arrival
Holding an average home country academic grade of “C” or above
Basic knowledge of the Spanish language*
Demonstrating the maturity and flexibility needed to participate in an intercultural program
Being of good health – on a physicalemotional and intellectual level
Two years of language classes are recommended. The participant who has not yet learned Spanish in school must – for their own interest – take an intensive Spanish course before their departure in order to attain basic language knowledge. Openmind also offers a language course near Barcelona, just before the High School Year starts. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.

Programme dates

Academic Year: 2024-2025 

Academic Year: September 5th 2024 – June 22nd 2025
2 Trimester: September 5th 2024 – March 29th 2025
Semester/Fall: September 5th 2024 –  January 25th 2025
Semester/Spring: January 26th 2025 – June 22nd 2025
Trimester/Fall: September 5th 2024  – December 8th 2024
Trimester/Spring: January 26th 2025 – April 27th 2025 or
March 30th 2025 – June 22nd 2025

Academic Year: 2025-2026

Academic Year: September 11th 2025 – June 21st 2026
2 Trimester: September 11th 2025 – until Eastern holidays 2026
Semester/Fall: September 11th 2025 –  January 25th 2026
Semester/Spring: January 31st 2026 – June 21st 2026
Trimester/Fall: September 11th 2025  – December 20th 2025
Trimester/Spring: January 31st 2026 – April 26th 2026 or
April 5th 2026 – June 21st 2026


Don’t miss out! You can sign up until…

30th of April for programme start in September.
15th of  November for programme start in January.
Before Christmas for programme start in March.

Getting ready in Barcelona

We invite you to a preparation seminar in Barcelona as a warm up before your immersion into Spanish culture. For two days we will talk about different cultural aspects and will answer all your questions.

Barcelona will be discovered by bike…and of course, we will eat nice tapas!

The last day will be the most exciting one: you will meet your host family. We will be by your side until you leave to your host family’s house – and then the adventure will finally start!

All the costs (transfer from and to the airport, food and accommodation, sightseeing tours, etc.) are included in the programme fees.

Our host families

Family life is the number one priority in Spain and the basis for an unforgettable stay! Because of this we put all our effort into finding a warm-hearted home for you. Only if our coordinators can answer the following question with a clear YES, are the criteria satisfied: “Would I place my own child in this family?”

Spanish people are very sociable. Gatherings with family and friends and relaxed, lengthy meals are the norm.

The families do not always represent the typical nuclear family: childless people, families with many children, older or younger hosts, singles and married people are interested in participating in this intercultural experience.

We want you to live in the nicest regions of Spain!

You have two options:
Either you let yourself surprise and you trust us to chose the region, or you decide yourself where you want to spend your time in Spain.
If you are open, something we like very much, you can rely on our criterion. The loving host family is always the focus of our work.

Our regions:
In Andalusia, our coordinators live in Sevilla, Cádiz, Málaga and Granada. Do you like city life? Then off to Valencia or Madrid. For nature lovers, the wonderful green Galicia or Asturias are dream destination.
For the surfers among us or simply those who love the sea and island life, we can offer the unique Canary Islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.
Our private schools are located in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Jerez, Tarragona and Aranda de Duero.  

Urban or less urban - every area has its charm and we do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with our choice!

Do you have further questions?

Here we are answering you the most frecuently asked questions:
How old do I have to be to be able to go abroad?

You should not be younger than 14 and not older than 18.

Can I go abroad at any time?

There are three dates when you can start your Spanish adventure:
Beginning / middle of September, end of January or end of March.
You can find the exact dates on our website under "High School Spain".


Intercultural Exchange Spain:

+34 669 974 377
Monday to Friday 10h - 18h
Avenida de Irlanda, 4. Local 9, 41012 Seville, Spain

About Openmind

The specialists of Openmind put a great deal of passion into organising intercultural exchange programs within and outside of Spain. We guarantee you an unforgettable stay – no matter whether you stay for a few months or for a whole school year.

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