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Coordinators in Andalusia 

sole-sevillaSoledad COORDINATOR IN SEVILLE
Soledad comes from Seville and is currently studying Pedagogy there. When she was only twelve years old, she lived her first exchange experience in Wales. She understands perfectly the concerns of students who come to spend several months in Spain and she supports them with care and patience. Since she has worked in a secondary school, she is always in contact with young people.
She likes listening to music and travelling. She loves meeting people from other countries and thus gaining new perspectives about the world.


cadiz-ceciliaCecilia – COORDINATOR IN CADIZ
Cecilia is a native of Cadiz and lives there with her husband. Her daughter and son live both in Seville. She works in her children’s former school and also in different educational organisations. Some years ago her family decided to become a host family. The experience made such an impact on her that she became a keen supporter of cultural exchange. Cecilia cares for the participants with a lot of kindness and patience!
Her hobbies are reading, cinema, cycling and learning from others (especially from young people because of their “freshness”).

Foto Paloma

Paloma started with her cultural exchange experience when working as an au pair and then as a teacher assistant in a school from UK.
She studied a Master in Emotional Intelligence as empathy is one of her great virtues.
Curiosity and love for other cultures have helped her be a local coordinator.




Foto Juanfran

Juan is graduated in Business Administration and Management and he is studying Marketing.
When he was 20, he lived his first experience abroad in Bournemouth, where shared unforgettable moments with his host family.
His hobby is discovering new places. He personally knows how it feels when you get to know other culture. That is why he would like to help students who want to live in this beautiful city.



Mariola-cordoba-openmindMariola COORDINATOR IN CORDOBA
Mariola, mother of two daughters, was born and lives in Cordoba. She is a registered nurse in a dental hospital – and a big fan of discovering other cultures and languages! That is the reason why she is so motivated to help teenagers live an intercultural exchange.
She loves going to the cinema, reading and to travelling – and helping people, when they need it.




Born in Granada, Mamen has a degree in Hispanic Philology. She currently works as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language.
Being mother to two sons has led her to take an active role in their schools, setting up international exchanges as well as being a host family.
Amongst her hobbies are hiking, handicraft and various cultural activities (theatre, cinema, music, conferences…).


In the mood of a little video about Andalusia? Here you see pictures from Seville and the faces of some of our students. :-)


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