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The three of us…

would like to thank all of the participants who have chosen to leave the “comfort zone” of their home to discover another country in-depth and to immerse themselves in a different culture and who by doing so, help to further understanding, respect and empathy in this world of ours.

Carmen Kristin Gracia

Kristin Eberl

I was born in Munich and have always moved to and fro between the city and other destinations. I studied Spanish, French and Intercultural Communication in Barcelona and travelled around in the world. I am absolutely convinced that the most important lesson in life is to recognize that this world is diverse.
In Barcelona I put all my love and enthusiasm into founding my company – Openmind. It’s like a baby to me!
My first priority always was to create an agency which strives for a very personal and reliable support for our participants and their parents. In Germany I was responsible for the preparation of students who went to different foreign countries. Therefore I see great value in consistent communication between parent and agent.
My two other children :-) – Nico and Lucía  – were also born in Barcelona, and I watch with admiration as they grow up in a trilingual environment.

Gracia González del Río

I come from Lima in Peru. When I was a child I was fortunate enough to spend one year in Germany as an exchange student, which was a really exciting experience for me. After finishing my university degree in Information Sciences, my dream of coming to live in Europe came true. I came to Spain to study Communication Sciences in 2001 and here I have stayed. My enthusiasm for travel led me to work as a tour guide around Europe and during this time I discovered the world of intercultural exchanges.
In Openmind I am responsible for educational tours.

Carmen Bujalance

I was born and raised in Seville and despite having lived abroad in the UK, Germany and Canada, I still have a subtle Andalusian accent. You can tell when you hear me speak!
I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Languages (Translation and Interpreting) from the University of Wales. I previously worked for an exchange organisation interviewing students who would later come to live in Spain. I have been part of Openmind for some years already and I have become Kristin’s right hand. I lead the High School Programme for Spanish students abroad.

We look forward not only to meeting your expectations, but to exceeding them!

Kristin, Gracia and Carmen

The whole Openmind team says hi!

Openmind would not exist if it wasn’t for our wonderful team of local coordinators! The vast majority has lived abroad, already hosted foreign guests in their house or grew up in a bilingual environment. They all know what cultural adaptation means and do a fantastic job in choosing the right host family, whilst closely supporting the students during their whole stay.
Greetings from our team to you:


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