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Oh yes, it takes a lot of courage

Something amazing is waiting for you: the experience of standing on your own two feet! By simply overcoming challenges without your parents, you will come to know yourself more deeply. And who knows? After your stay in Spain you might at last discover what you would like to become in the future?
At the end of your stay, you will speak Spanish fluently, you will have got to know a new school system and you will have been immersed in a different culture. This is absolutely marvellous!

We – the Openmind Team- will be by your side during this time, supporting you with our time and advice! 

grupo_aeropuerto con kristin

Requirements for the programme

  • Being between 14 and 18 years of age upon arrival
  • Holding an average home country academic grade of “C” or above
  • Basic knowledge of the Spanish language*
  • Demonstrating the maturity and flexibility needed to participate in an intercultural program
  • Being of good health – on a physical, emotional and intellectual level
*Two years of language classes are recommended. The participant who has not yet learned Spanish in school must – for their own interest – take an intensive Spanish course before their departure in order to attain basic language knowledge. Openmind also offers a language course near Barcelona, just before the High School Year starts. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information.

Programme dates

Academic Year 2017-2018
Academic Year:
September 7th 2017 – June 24th 2018
Semester/Fall: September 7th 2017 –  January 21st 2018
Semester/Spring: January 27th 2018 – June 24th 2018
Trimester/Fall: September 7th 2017 – December 10th 2017
Trimester/Spring: January 27th 2018 – April 29th 2018

Academic Year 2018-2019
Academic Year:
September 6th 2018 – June 23rd 2019
Semester/Fall: September 6th 2018 –  January 20th 2019
Semester/Spring: January 26th 2019 – June 23rd 2019
Trimester/Fall: September 6th 2018 – December 9th 2018
Trimester/Spring: January 26th 2019 – April 28th 2019

Don’t miss out! You can sign up until…

30th of April for programme start in September.
15th of  November for programme start in January.

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